Linda McDonagh

College: Wheres & Hows

Linda McDonagh
College: Wheres & Hows

The college admissions process can be overwhelming to say the least.  With so many resources online, it is hard to know what to read, and what is valid and true.  We decided to pull together some of the most reliable online resources to create a one-stop shop for both parents and high school students who are looking for information that is helpful and reliable.


What is the right type of school for you?  Finding a school that is the right fit for your interests, budget, desired location, social environment, and more is a daunting task.  Use these resources to help guide you to choices that will meet your needs.

Peterson’s has an online guide to help you find the college “that’s right for you!”

College Board has a great step-by-step guide! has rankings based on academics, lifestyle and more.

College Lists Wiki is an amazing resource that was designed as a resource for college counselors to help students pick the school that is right for them, but is is available to students and parents to help guide the decision.


College Board - this non-profit organization that strives to connect students to college success and opportunity knows what they are doing, because they have been doing it for well over 100 years!  They have comprehensive resources on the SAT Test, AP Coursework, and a slew of college planning resources from finding the right college for you, to figuring out how to finance it.


The increasing costs of a college education send many families searching for available aid, grants, and scholarships.  Below are some top resources to help you find access to help ease the burden of tuition bills.

  • According to Forbes Magazine, FastWeb is considered one of the best sites on the internet to find scholarships to help pay for college, giving you access to over 1.5 million made available for college tuition.

  • You can access a slew of resources on Federal Financial Aid through the U.S. Department of Education website here.

  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has wonderful resources to help you through the various financial facets of paying for college, including a tool for comparing financial offers to determine what best suits your needs.